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Kauai - Wellness Institute
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© Global Water Health
Created by: Nikola Georgiev
The President: Vesselina Jeliazkova


• Personal Wellness Coach
• Special Projects Manager;
• Leadership Development Coach;
• Team Building Facilitator;
• Event Organizer;
• Coordinator of Student Activities;
• Supervisor of Athletic Events;
• Kinesiology&Psychology Lab Instructor;
• Mental Toughness and Sport
• Psychology Counselor
• Tennis Coach/Professional.


• Balkan Cluster for Health&Wellness&SPA Tourism
• Global Water Health - Cluster Platform
• Kupu a’e- Kauai Team Challenge/Leadership                 Kauai Waipa,HI
• Oceanside Tennis Academy Santa Barbara, CA
• Sleepy Hollow Country Club Sleepy Hollow, NY
• Fordham University Women's Tennis Head Coach Bronx, NY
• Saw Mill Club Mount Kisco, NY
• NMU Women’s Tennis Head Coach Marquette, MI
• NMU Athletic and Psychology Department Marquette, MI
Logo and Mission



Culture is the cornerstone of any philosophy, social stereotypes and value. It is deeply reflected in the ethno traditional rituals, values, norms, systems, structures and social models for healthy life style.
One is able to decipher and comprehend this change through Wellness culture, communication systems, concepts and policies in governmental and non-governmental organizations.
"Wellness Institute of Kauai" have mission to disseminate a New Culture for communication with Water and its positive use in favor of Human Health and Sustainable Social Development, trough Wellness life style.


This contemporary themed virtual space - “Wellness Institute of Kauai” aims to expose the supporters to the changing paradigms in the body energy, health, wellness mind and happiness through “Wellness culture for everyone”.
Sub themes for Wellness:

1.Influence of Water Culture on every day life
2.Influence of Wellness Culture on ethno tradition
3.Diaspora & Cultural Rituals
4.Identity & Culture
5.Race, Ethnicity & Culture
6.Gender Sexuality and culture
7.Film, media and culture
8.Culture & Philosophy
9.Multiculturalism in Wenessl

Transfer of good practices in:

1.Culture & Systemic changes in modern organisations
2.Culture & value building
3.Cross-cultural sensitivity
4.Globalisation & Culture
5.Culture & Talent Management
6.Culture & Employee Engagement
7.Culture & value building
8.Culture & structures in organisations
9.Culture & management hierarchies

Kauai County, Hawaii

Location in the state of Hawaii