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Susie Ellis
Chairman & CEO, GSWS
President, Spafinder Wellness, Inc., United States

Recognized as a driving force behind the evolution of the spa industry from a narrow market sector to the mega industry it is today, Susie Ellis, president of SpaFinder Wellness, is a prominent writer, speaker and analyst and recognized as a leading global authority on spa and wellness. Author of SpaFinder's annual Spa Trend Forecast and the popular Susie’s Spa and Wellness Blog, Ellis is the recipient of the prestigious International Spa Association's 2012 Visionary Award and holds a MBA from UCLA.
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Valia Balkanska

"Izlel Delyu rebel" ee her unique song, the performance of which is cause for national rejoicing when in 1977 its record is included in the Golden Record sent into space by two U.S. spacecraft Voyager, which in 2004 left within the solar system. Spacecraft Voyager 1, launched on Sept. 5, 1982, bears a plaque recording the song "Izlel Delio rebel", sung by Valya Balkan. On the occasion of the 60th anniversary and outstanding achievements in the field of art of singing, in 2002 Balkan Valya was awarded the medal "Stara Planina". Nominated for State Award "Saint of Plovdiv" for 2005 in December 2005, folk singer receives his star plaque in the Bulgarian Walk of Fame. For her daughter Haytov, Elena Haitov wrote his book "Alone among the stars."
Dr Selinus has served as the organizer of several international conferences, as a member of numerous scientific committees, and has published over 90 manuscripts in scientific journals and several books. He has also acted as scientific expert for the European Union. He was the Head of the Geochemical Division at SGU, and also in charge of external research and development at the geological survey. He served as Editor-in-Chief for the book "Essentials of Medical Geology" published in 2005, which received several prestigious international awards, and as editor of the more recently published book "Medical Geology - a regional synthesis" published in 2010. He was appointed Geologist of the year 2005-2006 in Sweden and was awarded the Outstanding Achievement Reward of the Commission on Geoscience for Environmental Management (GEM) in 2006. He acted as chairman of "Earth and Health" of the IUGS-UN-UNESCO initiative of Planet Earth (IYPE), and chairman of the health sector of the 4 GeoUnions Initiative as well as Senior Advisor of IYPE and also vice president of 33rd International Geological Congress in Oslo 2008. He is associate editor of Applied Geochemistry and is at present associated with the Linneaeus University in Kalmar. He started medical geology in 1996, is one of the founders of IMGA and has dedicated the last 15 years to Medical Geology.
Prof. Dr Olle Selinus

Was appointed Deputy Mayor of Sofia in charge of "culture, education, sports and prevention of addictions" in 2005 general election for the 41st National Assembly held on July 5, 2009, she was elected MP GERB in 24 MIR - Sofia. In the same year he became Minister of Education and Science in the government of Boyko Borisov. On November 15, 2009 Yordanka Fandakova was elected mayor of Sofia. In September 2011 Fandakova supported by GERB to run for a second term. He won the mayoral seat in the first round - the October 23, 2011
Yordanka Fandakova

Prof. Dr. Jose A. Centeno, PhD, FRSC
Chief, Biophysical Toxicology
The Joint Pathology Center
1057 West Perimeter Road, Bldg. 1050, Room GB-33
DSN: 857-6882; Fax: (240) 857-7952 / Email: Jose.Centeno@afncr.af.mil
Chairman, International Medical Geology Association

Officer, IUGS-Geoscience for Environmental Management Commission
Adjunct Professor, School of Science and Technology
Jackson State University, Jackson, Mississippi
Adjunct Professor, School of Science and Technology / Univ. Metropolitana, Puerto Rico
Distinguished Professor, Science Faculty /Universidad del Turabo, Puerto Rico
Talat Yalili

Talat Yalili is Founder and owner of "Dalyan Peloids" and one of the most influential experts in Turkey for disseminating health through water and a healthy lifestyle. Extravagant and courageous innovator in specialized SPA & Wellness infrastructure. He is International expert and consultant of innovative solutions in the SPA & Wellness Tourism in all the Balkans. Believes in the life-giving power of water and Peloid.