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Bulgarian Wellness Institute
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Created by: Nikola Georgiev
Prof. Bistra DIMITROVA, PhD

• She worked as international adviser and supervisor
• United nations Ambassador in “Sport for the social development”
• European Expert-evaluator of the General Directorate “Research” in “Health promotion and social innovations”
• Supervisor of “The Balkan SPA capital” - 5-th Anniversary;
• Supervisor of “The International Water bridge”- UN certified event part of the World Water Day campaign;
• Supervisor of the “International SPA managers Club”

Ass. Prof. Mincho POLIMENOV, PhD

• Member of the Varna Chamber of Tourism
• Member of the Bulgarian Tourist Chamber
• Member of Bulgarian Wellness Institute
• Member of the Framework platform Global Water  Health
• International consultant on nutrition innovations for the East European
& Balkan SPA & Wellness & Thalasso Institute
• Winner of the honorary sign " Blue Cluster Cavalier"

Assoc.Prof. Jordan JORDANOV, PhD

• Consultant balneology and SPA
• Consultant in Health and Medical SPA tourism
• Expert for assessing of the efficiency in Wellness & Spa
• Entrepreneurship and assessment of cash flows in Wellness & Spa industry

• Maria Ivanova is Master of Law,
• Director of the "Tourism Policy" at the Ministry of Tourism.
• The main functions of the Directorate are: developing a strategy for tourism development and short-term concepts and programs;
• Coordinate with other agencies the establishment of standards for the construction of special tourist infrastructure;
• Coordinates the integration of tourism with other sectors of the Bulgarian economy.



Editor and host of the lunch program, Editor-in "Culture and Education" page editor "Business", "mystic", "Culture" app woman "Eve", advertising strategy and organizing shows, participating as leading program "Times", "The Day of owls," team leader "news reporters" Radiopazar program editor, author and host of the TV show on TV Shumen "Karma", the first live broadcast and author of the first advertising block. Over 3000 publications - Kherson, Debrecen, Radio "echo" - California in. "Sh. Zaria" in. "North East" in. "Black Sea", "Staff work" in. "Evening News" in. "Novinar" magazine", " Business News "magazine." TV Format, "Radio, Radio Shumen, published by the Zonta "Bulgaria" 2009. Everything is Love" collection "120 years Bulgarian journalism", author of a collection of interviews "Thirsty trace" and the biographical novel "Unit" -2010g., Of poetry "Eyes of Rain" in 2011 and "true copy "2015 award winner for poetry in. "Evening News "from the" Vitosha Tulip "Sofia-1987. Under the patronage of Elizabeth Bagryana, Regional Coordinator of Access to Information Program.
Public commitments - Executive creator and director of the Agency for sustainable regional development and investment -Shumen, head of the 10 European and two projects of Ministry - "Made in Shumen," "Help on Wheels" in. "Neve Drom" first Business catalog Shumen region in Bulgarian and English, with room derivatives local businesses visit of experts from the Senate of Berlin Brandenburg in Shumen, in Shumen first presentations of Encouragement Bank Consortium FLAG BAEF Interlease first regional development strategy and strategies of 6 municipalities in the region and others. Author and presenter of over 40 creative portraits of famous cultural figures of Shumen, founder of charity "Women of Shumen Shumen for children", a member of the board of "Progress", president of the company for cultural exchange between Bulgaria and Israel Shumen, Chairman of the club "Elite" from creation to termination, winner of the first title "Woman of the Year" and others. From 2010 he worked in BNR expert "Public Relations" expert "Marketing".
Miglena DAMYANOVA, journalist

Born 31.12.1970 Graduated in the University "Kr. Sarafov" with specialty films and TV- directing and the Journalism Faculty of the University "St. Clement Ohridski". She has worked as a reporter and photographer for the Information Agency "Balkan" in. "Democracy" in. "Night work" in. "Nightlife" in. "Culture" economic portal Finance 5, The News BG Reporter | News BG Reporter.
General Secretary
Vencislav JEKOV, journalist

Born on 12,12,1973
Graduated in the field of "History" at Sofia University "St. Cl. Ohridski". Specialized "History of Byzantine Empire and the Balkans." He worked as a reporter and editor in the newspaper "Bulgarian Army" magazine "Signal", "Military collection" magazine "Borba" -Canada magazine "A covenant" magazine "Wings" newspaper, "Air Force" and in " Class. " I was also editor in, I am currently in Sofia correspondent of the newspaper "Bulgaria" - Chicago, USA.
Author of the poetry collection "Bell unit" and "Time of sand". Co-author of the historical research "MiG 29 in Bulgaria." Maintains several blogs on the Internet: historical and social.